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<center>Age Calculator</center><center>Age Calculator</center>

Age Calculator

Calculate how old you are in months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds

<center>GPA Calculator</center><center>GPA Calculator</center>

GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator lets you determine how your current term will affect your overall GPA

<center>Fraction Calculator</center><center>Fraction Calculator</center>

Fraction Calculator

Quickly add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions

<center>Percentage Calculator</center><center>Percentage Calculator</center>

Percentage Calculator

Calculate the value of a percentage of a number or percentage the first number is of the second number

<center>Binary Converter</center><center>Binary Converter</center>

Binary Converter

Tool used for various applications in digital electronics to perform binary to decimal conversion and decimal to binary conversion.

<center>Degrees To Radians Converter</center><center>Degrees To Radians Converter</center>

Degrees To Radians Converter

Easily convert between degrees and radians

<center>HEX To RGB Converter</center><center>HEX To RGB Converter</center>

HEX To RGB Converter

Takes input in the form of a hex color code value and converts that value to a RGB value.

<center>Password Generator</center><center>Password Generator</center>

Password Generator

Password Generator is designed to create a much securer passwords for either important data saving or privacy protection.